Chamber weekly update on COVID-19

- Government of Canada

- COVID-19 Bulletin #24 - Government of Manitoba

- COVID-19 is here, and we all have a role in defeating it. Learn and use the 3Ps:

Protect yourself, Protect loved ones, and Protect our community, by going Please share with your friends and family. WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER, MANITOBA.

As the Voice of Business in Manitoba, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce believes we have an obligation to share credible and reliable COVID-19 updates and information with our members and the broader business community. We also want to support our local Chambers of Commerce as you navigate this complex new reality. We will be holding semi-weekly conference calls to hear from you about what you are hearing from your members and the issues you are facing in your communities. We will provide updates from our end of course as well.

Calls will be held every Tuesday and Friday at 10:45am for the foreseeable future.

-China's virus epicenter sees no new cases after two-month ordeal.

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