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What Over The Counter Medicine Is Good For Throwing Up

Your child could be throwing up if they swallowed something toxic, like a drug, plant, medicine, or chemical. Or they may have gotten food poisoning from contaminated food or water. Your child may have diarrhea instead of or in addition to vomiting. That way, theyre more likely to be familiar with your symptoms, understand your treatment options, anticipate your bodys reaction to various medications, and be familiar with the most up-to-date research in the field. We consider this the starting point for a good hormone replacement therapy experience.

Are There Natural Alternatives To Hrt Throwing up clear vomit is a sign your body wants to clear an infection like norovirus when there’s no food in your stomach.. fluids, and over-the-counter pain relievers and fever reducers. If you become moderately to severely dehydrated,. Dr. Manuelpillai is a.